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Weathered Pier Caps – Produced to your requirements.

  • Can be made to any size*.
  • Natural Yorkshire Stone.
  • Cut and shaped and profiled in house by our skilled Stone Masons.​
  • Profiled alike with weathered coping stones

*some limitations on maximum sizes apply

Typical weathered pier cap profile.
Weathered coping stone profile
Available in the following stone types:
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What does it mean by ‘weathered?
Weathered simply means ‘sloped’. It is a masonry term used where surfaces have a convex or sloping surface designed to shed water.

What Sizes are Weathered Pier Caps Available in?
We make all our pier caps to order, therefore we can them to your requirements.  We produce some standard widths of 410mm, 522.5mm and 635mm to work with standard brick sizes, however we don’t need to be fixed to these sizes. In determining the size of pier caps you require you need to consider the following; The width of your pier or pillar, if you require an overhang, The overall height of the cap.  At times, consideration might need to be given to external finishes such as the additional thickness of a render coat.


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