Old Yorkstone Paving – Reclaimed

Reclaimed first grade old Yorkstone paving slabs – Cleaned, squared and palleted ready for re-use.


Manor Yorkstone Paving Slabs

First quality selected reclaimed Yorkstone paving slabs.

‘Reclaimed’, or ‘Old’ Yorkstone, is considered by many to be beyond compare. Reclaimed Yorkshire stone paving has a classic character that is unmatched by any other stone.

The combination of colour, character and incredible durability make Yorkstone a great choice for paving slabs. Proven to improve with the rigours of the weather and wear from foot traffic, Yorkstone can be considered an investment for a lifetime.

We firmly believe our buying criteria sets our Yorkstone apart from many of our competitor’s stone. We are based in Yorkshire where Yorkstone is widely laid in streets, driveways and gardens. We only purchase reclaimed Yorkstone from outdoor locations. Our slabs will have natural weathered patina and wear from years of foot traffic.

Flags that are internally sourced such as ‘cellar flags’ or ‘mill flags’ do not share the same characteristics, furthermore, they most often have oil or other contaminants present and tend to be softer from being continually damp for many years.

Old Yorkstone Paving Slabs

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Fantastic selection of stone from all over the world, as well as Yorkshire. Great value for money, Responsive customer service and can highly recommend them. Our new patio area looks fantastic. Extremely satisfied

Stephen Dobson

“Thank you! From start to finish the service we’ve received was great.  The stone looks fantastic, thank you Bingley Stone.”

Mr & Mrs Belshaw

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