Thornton Stone Paving

An imported sawn stone paving similar to Yorkstone. A light buff grey coloured stone with consistent colouring and subtle natural tones.


Manor Yorkstone Paving Slabs

Light buff tones – Medium to fine grained sandstone paving.

Thornton is an affordable diamond cut sandstone that can be utilised in many ways. It is similar in appearance to the more expensive Yorkshire stone, whilst generally being a little more consistent in colour. Thornton stone is used for paving, coping stones, steps, pool edgings, feature stones amongst many other applications..


Image Gallery – Thornton Sawn  Stone

Inspiration with Thornton Sawn Stone

Examples of Thornton sawn Stone.

Stone Copings - Coping Stones

Coping Stones

Thornton sawn stone is very versatile and can be cut to many designs. Wall top coping stones can be cut to size, length, ‘L shaped’ or mitred corners.

We cut all our stone with a waterjet or diamond stone saws to produce your requirements to exacting standards.

Bingley Stone regularly work alongside Designers, Architects and Homeowners to assist during the design process. Our in house CAD team can provide design assistance and supply working drawings to help bring design ideas to working conclusions. Our CAD files can then be passed to our production team where stone is cut using CNC controlled stone cutting saws to ensure complex designs fit together once on site.

Coping stones can sometimes be flat topped or sloping (known as ‘weathered’). Once weathered means sloped from one side to the other.   Alternatively, twice weathered means sloping from a peak in the middle, down to each edge.  Both can easily be produced.

Stone Steps

Step features

Thornton stone can create beautifully designed steps. Being sawn to a regular thickness, usually 50mm or 40mm provides equalisation of thicknesses which is more often desired for step installations. The equal thickness lends itself well to either straight, bull nosed, or pencil rounded leading edges. Thornton stone also offers excellent slip resistance, which is important for step applications.

Fantastic selection of stone from all over the world, as well as Yorkshire. Great value for money, Responsive customer service and can highly recommend them. Our new patio area looks fantastic. Extremely satisfied

Stephen Dobson

“Thank you! From start to finish the service we’ve received was great.  The stone looks fantastic, thank you Bingley Stone.”

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